Sick Care

Sick care refers to medical situations that require immediate care but are not life threatening. For life-threatening situations, you should always call 911 first.

When you have a sudden onset of a medical problem whether is fever, urinary tract infection, cough, respiratory infection, wound or injury, receiving quick care is what matters the most.  Dr. Fulvia Banu provides effective sick care through in office same day sick visit at her office in Plantation, Florida. She understands there are situations when you need medical attention quickly, but you don’t want, or you cannot travel to an unfamiliar facility and spend hours in waiting rooms to receive care. Dr. Banu is willing to make sick care convenient for you by being available when you need it.

Dr. Banu diagnoses and treats a wide spectrum of conditions affecting adults including the following:

As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Banu has experience in many medical fields, and she can treat virtually any medical condition that is not life-threatening.

What can you expect when arriving for a sick visit?

The Doctor will see you as soon as possible, she will perform a careful review of systems and examination to make a diagnostic. In some cases, you might need blood tests, swabs, urinalysis, tests performed in the office for your convenience. Some of the results can be obtained in minutes, others might be sent to the lab for analysis. Usually, you’ll receive treatment in office and prescriptions for the medications you need. If your medical condition necessitates more complex tests, she will send blood work to the lab and order the appropriate imaging tests.  Dr. Banu might as well recommend activity modification, lifestyle changes in the coming days, a follow up visit after treatment and/or specialist referral if your condition requires specialized care ( eg. Cardiologist, neurologist, etc ).

If you need sick care and you’re not willing to spend the whole day waiting in urgent care or emergency room, call Dr. Banu’s office in Plantation at the number posted and request an in-person sick care visit.

Dr. Banu provides telemedicine sick care visits as well to her established patients.