In office procedures

In-office procedures are usually minor procedures performed during a visit for your convenience. By having your minor procedure in your primary doctor’s office, you can avoid the commotion that comes with visiting an urgent care or emergency room, saves you time and the high costs of a hospital procedure. These minor procedures do not require anesthesia. In some cases, a local anesthetic can be used for your comfort.

Types of procedures the Doctor offers in her office:

During annual physical exams, the Doctor evaluates your risk for disease, performs tests to look for disease in its early stages with the goal of diagnosing medical problems before causing symptoms.

What should you expect during an annual physical exam visit:

After in-office procedure was performed, you can generally return home and continue your normal routine unless the doctor advises you otherwise. At check-out, you will receive a complete set of written instructions with Doctor’s recommendations until your follow appointment. At the follow up visit, the Doctor will check your healing and discuss further instructions if needed.

In-office procedures performed by Dr. Banu are agreeable and comfortable because they are easy to schedule, performed by an experienced physician that already cares for your health and is accustomed with your medical problems. Schedule your procedure by calling Dr. Banu’s office or using the online appointment link.