Internal Medicine

Whether you are sick or just need a medical checkup, an internal medicine specialist is the right doctor to set an appointment with for evaluation. Dr. Banu provides exceptional internal medicine services at her practice in Plantation, Florida, diagnosing and treating patients who have a broad range of acute or chronic medical problems. Focused on improving the health and wellbeing of her patients, Dr. Banu is providing the best treatments and care in accordance with current medical guidelines.

When is it recommended to see an internal medicine physician?

General internists (internal medicine specialist) could practice medicine in outpatient settings as your Primary Care doctor or see patients in the hospital as hospitalists. Some of the general internists practice only primary care, others take care of the patients only in the hospital, and others are practicing in both settings. Because they are trained to work in primary and secondary care, general internist can be consulted from simple medical problems like a cold, to more complex conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hospital follow ups etc. If you have multiple medical conditions, your primary care doctor would be the one who integrates the care you receive from other specialists, connecting and discussing your care with the specialists and making sure you fully understand your recommended treatment, follows your response to treatment and possible adverse reactions.